Tuesday 12 May 2020

hidden treasure gospel of thomas saying 109

Saying 109
Compare what I have said in saying "The kingdom is like a man [The Jews] who had a hidden treasure [Jesus message of the Kingdom to the Jews] in his field without knowing it. And after he died, he left it to his son. The son did not know (about the treasure). He inherited the field and sold it. And the one who bought it [Paul and the Body of Christ] went plowing and found the treasure [Jesus Christ's message of Salvation to the Body of Christ in place of the Kingdom for the Jews]. He began to lend money [Preach the message of salvation and live according to Jesus Christ's teachings of LOVE] at interest [the reward in 'heaven'] to whomever he wished."

109)# Jesus said, "The Kingdom is like a man [Judaism who was blinded by the Covenant of flesh] who had a [hidden] treasure [the Keys of Knowledge hidden in the Law and the Prophets which all pointed to Messiah] in his field [the world which they were to gain when the heavenly Kingdom was to be set up (although they were expecting an earthly one!)] without knowing it [the religious leaders in their carnal minds could not see the Messiah when He came "In the world He was, and the world came into being through Him, and the world knew Him not"]. And [after] he [the man] died [when the Old Covenant passed away], he left it [the Kingdom] to his son [the early ecclesia (Christians) which we know from the letters to the seven ecclesias demonstrates that they were infiltrated and subverted early on].  The son did not know (about the treasure) [because it was buried in the ground (under earthly traditions, ordinances, etc..) of the Roman church]. He inherited [by entering in to the New Covenant] the field [Christianity] and sold [it] [for earthly treasures as in v-95]. And the one [the Elect believing in the Word] who bought it [for a price - i.e. sold all he had (counted all he owned {prior understandings and even his life} as dung)] went plowing [creating good tilled soil in his heart]  and found the treasure [the Key of Knowledge]. He began to lend money [His Name] at interest to whomever he wished [using the money given by one who would not get it back - see v-95]."

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