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Saturday 2 May 2020

A Hymn of Health

A hymn of health by George Dowie

Hymn of Health.
W e come, we come, with liappy heart,
And voice attuned to song,
To bid that -weariness depart
That dwelt with thee so long.
Every youth and every maiden
Comes to thee with pleasure laden ;
Comes to thee with love and song.
Many days has sickness laid thee
Prostrate, heartless, hopeless here ;
Sore distress and pain have made thee
Prey to many a boding fear.
But we come with health and spirit,
Youth and cheer, and kindly love,
And desire ye may inherit
Every favour from above.
Chorus—We come, ifcc.
Health, that has been long a stranger ;
Hope, that has been dim so long ;
Confidence—there is no danger;
Pardon conies for every wrong.
All God's blessings sweet combining,
Weave a web of hope to-day ;
No more grief or sad repining—
You shall wipe tho tears away.
Chorus—"VVc come, etc.
Every sister, every brother
Wish you joy with all their heart,
Thanking God for one another,
And the hope we can impart.
Go, disease, with sad depression,
All this cause of sickness cease ;
God imparts His Father's blessing,
Hope, and jov, and love, and peace.
Chorus—We come, ifcc.

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