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Friday 20 October 2023

The parousia and the Paraclete

The parousia and the Paraclete

Title: The Invisible Presence: Cultivating the Christ Consciousness Within


The concept of the "Invisible Presence" is multifaceted, extending far beyond a simple temporal understanding. In its profound essence, it signifies the establishment of Christ consciousness within the depths of our hearts and minds. To comprehend this notion, we turn to the teachings of Jesus, who spoke of the coming of the Comforter in the gospel of John (Jn 14:15-26; 15:26; 16:7-15 JBV). His words serve as a guiding light, reassuring His disciples that they need not be troubled when He departs, for He will request the Father to send a Comforter who will remind them of His teachings. Thus, the Invisible Presence, as described by Jesus, reveals itself as a Comforter, akin to Himself, and serves to instruct the world in the art of creating the Kingdom of God here on Earth.

The Comforter: An Expression of the Invisible Presence

In the Gospel of John, Jesus unfolds the concept of the Comforter. He reassures His disciples that although He is departing, He will not leave them bereft. Instead, He will beseech the Father to send a Comforter who will serve as a reminder of His teachings and continue the profound work He initiated. The Invisible Presence, as elucidated by Jesus, is embodied in this Comforter. This Comforter, akin to Jesus Himself, undertakes the noble task of guiding humanity in the realization of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

A Common Misconception: The Second Coming vs. the Invisible Presence

It is not uncommon for individuals to conflate the notion of the Invisible Presence with the second coming of Christ. However, it is vital to distinguish between these concepts. In the Gospel of John, the emphasis is placed on the Comforter, a term synonymous with the Holy Spirit. This Comforter is the divine guide, the one Jesus assured would come in His name. His role is multifaceted, involving the teaching of essential truths and facilitating an understanding of righteousness and judgment. The Comforter is, in essence, the Divine presence that continues to influence the world.

The Invisible Presence as the Manifestation of Christ's Teachings

Jesus was the harbinger of the good news of the Kingdom of God, and His teachings laid the foundation for the transformation of the world. He was the first to reveal these profound principles to humanity. However, Jesus was not alone in this mission; His legacy was carried forward by others who advocated His logos teachings. In this sense, the Invisible Presence of Jesus emerges when His Comforter, or helper, reminds the world of His anointed logos teachings. The Comforter continues to impart and reinforce these divine principles, ensuring that the legacy of Jesus lives on.

Building the Christ Consciousness: The Result of the Invisible Presence

The Invisible Presence is not merely an abstract theological concept; it is a tangible reality that emerges as a result of building the principles of Christ consciousness into the mind of a believer. When an individual begins to embrace and internalize these principles, they undergo a profound transformation. The Christ consciousness, ingrained in their very being, begins to manifest itself through them. It becomes a part of their thoughts, words, and actions. The Invisible Presence, in this context, is a dynamic force that empowers believers to express the teachings of Christ in their daily lives.


The Invisible Presence is a profound and transformative concept that transcends time and space. It is not confined to a specific moment in history but continues to be a living reality for those who embrace the teachings of Jesus. It is the Comforter, the divine guide, who reminds us of the principles that lead to the Kingdom of God on Earth. It is the force that enables believers to internalize the Christ consciousness, allowing them to manifest His teachings in their daily lives. The Invisible Presence of Jesus is not a distant promise; it is a living reality that continues to shape and inspire those who seek to walk in His footsteps.

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The ' Invisible Presence', also refers to establishing the Christ consciousness within our hearts and minds 

Jesus talks about the Coming of the comforter in Jn 14:15-26; 15:26; and 16:7-15 jbv. Here Jesus tells his disciples not to be concerned after he leaves them. 

For he will ask the Father to send a comforter to remind them of his teachings. Therefore, the Invisible Presence that Jesus talks about in John is that of a comforter who, like himself, will teach the world how to create the Kingdom of God here on Earth.

Some confuse the Invisible Presence of the comforter with the second coming of Christ. 

In [the gospel of] John, the comforter was the equivalent expression for Holy Spirit. John placed emphasis on the comforter rather than on the Invisible Presence of Christ".  

The "Comforter" or "Spirit of Truth" or "Holy Spirit" ....IS CHRIST ( Jesus Ephesians 4:7-13). " I will ask the Father and He will give you another Helper ( Advocate / Comforter ) so that He might be with you to the age of ages, even the SPIRIT OF TRUTH.

 The world cannot receive Him because the world neither sees Him nor knows Him, but you know Him , for He dwells with you and will be in you " ( JOHN 14 : 16 - 17 ) Jesus just said that the Spirit of Truth was "dwelling with them" then ( He was talking about Himself ) and that He will later be "IN THEM", after He (Jesus) goes away. Ephesians 4:7-13 

Jesus's resurrection and ascension paved the way for His invisible presence, enabling Him to fulfill His role as "the Lord the Spirit (2 Corinthians 3:17), and that this would be a good thing for the disciples, because when He goes away, He can come to them IN SPIRIT.......He can ENTER THEIR MINDS ! 

Which He cannot do in the flesh . And not only they, but ALL of those who would exercise faith in the son of man over the centuries that Christ would be "IN"......the TRUE "church"......."Christ IN YOU, the hope of glory ". Colossians 1:24-29:

The Invisible Presence is the result of building the principles of the Christ consciousness into the mind of a believer, where they begin to express them through him.

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