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Saturday 2 September 2017

Sethian Gnosticism Part 4 of 4 (Apocryphon of John II) - Dr. Birger Pear...

Dr. Birger Pearson speaks on Gnosticism at the Apostolic Johannite Church's 2011 Conclave. Dr. Pearson's notes can be found here:

Friday 1 September 2017

A Simple, Animated Gnostic Cosmology w/Background Music

A Simple Explanation of Gnostic Cosmology depicted as visual metaphors. See the flow of creation in one minute's time.

AB Live 17: A Gnostic Creation Myth

We deal with the fascinating creation myth found in the Nag Hammadi library's Tripartite Tractate. This Valentinian work provides as many differences as it does parallels to the Sethian cosmologies. Even more, our guest reveals her beautiful visuals that correspond to this gospel, as well as unique insights on the Gnostic plight and the world we live in today.

Bring your questions and eyes-wide open.

Astral Guest: Cyd Charise Ropp, Ph.D.

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Cyd's homepage:
A New Gnostic GospelA Simple Explanation of Absolutely Everything

The Fall in the Tripartite Tractate
The Gnostic Creation Story in the Tripartite Tractate

Understanding the Gnostic Sophia (The Abraxas Brief)

Understanding the Gnostic Sophia (The Abraxas Brief)

The origins, history, and lessons of Sophia in the Gnostic Gospels.

Some of my articles on Sophia: